Environmental Impact Assessment (Fish Farming in Marine Waters) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1999

  1. Introductory Text

  2. 1.Citation, commencement and application

  3. 2.Interpretation

  4. 3.Prohibition on the granting of a fish culture licence without consideration of environmental information

  5. 4.Screening opinion of the Department

  6. 5.Application made to the Department without an environmental statement

  7. 6.Scoping opinion of the Department

  8. 7.Provision of relevant information

  9. 8.Publicity where an environmental statement is submitted

  10. 9.Consultation on the environmental statement

  11. 10.Further information and evidence relating to environmental statements

  12. 11.Intimation of decision

  13. 12.Appeals

  14. 13.Charges

  15. 14.Development in Northern Ireland likely to have significant effects in another Member State

  16. Signature

    1. SCHEDULE 1

      Selection Criteria for Screening Opinions

      1. 1.Characteristics of Development

      2. 2.Location of Developments

      3. 3.Characteristics of the Potential Impact

    2. SCHEDULE 2

      Matters for inclusion in Environmental Statement

      1. Part I

        1. 1.Description of the development, including in particular:—

        2. 2.An outline of the main alternatives studied by the developer...

        3. 3.A description of the aspects of the environment likely to...

        4. 4.A description of the likely significant effects of the proposed...

        5. 5.A description of the measures envisaged to prevent, reduce and...

        6. 6.A non-technical summary of the information provided under paragraphs 1...

        7. 7.An indication of any difficulties (technical deficiencies or lack of...

      2. Part II

        1. 8.A description of the development comprising information on the site,...

        2. 9.A description of the measures envisaged in order to avoid,...

        3. 10.The data required to identify and assess the main effects...

        4. 11.An outline of the main alternatives studied by the applicant...

        5. 12.A non-technical summary of the information provided under paragraphs 8...

    3. SCHEDULE 3

      Bodies to be consulted

      1. 1.The Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland.

      2. 2.The Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside.

      3. 3.The Foyle Fisheries Commission where the proposed development is to...

      4. 4.The Fisheries Conservancy Board for Northern Ireland where the proposed...

  17. Explanatory Note