Regulation 31

SCHEDULE 3Power presses to which regulations 32 to 35 do not apply

1.  A power press for the working of hot metal.

2.  A power press not capable of a stroke greater than 6 millimetres.

3.  A guillotine.

4.  A combination punching and shearing machine, turret punch press or similar machine for punching, shearing or cropping.

5.  A machine, other than a press brake, used for bending steel sections.

6.  A straightening machine.

7.  An upsetting machine.

8.  A heading machine.

9.  A rivetting machine.

10.  An eyeletting machine.

11.  A press-stud attaching machine.

12.  A zip fastener bottom stop attaching machine.

13.  A stapling machine.

14.  A wire stitching machine.

15.  A power press for the compacting of metal powders.