SCHEDULE 2[Schedule 8A to the Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986]Form and Content of Abbreviated Accounts of Small Companies delivered to Registrar

Part IINotes to the Accounts


9.—(1) Where sums originally denominated in foreign currencies have been brought into account under any items shown in the balance sheet or profit and loss account, the basis on which those sums have been translated into sterling shall be stated.

(2) Subject to sub-paragraph (3), in respect of every item required to be stated in a note to the accounts by or under any provision of this Order, the corresponding amount for the financial year immediately preceding that to which the accounts relate shall also be stated and where the corresponding amount is not comparable, it shall be adjusted and particulars of the adjustment and the reasons for it shall be given.

(3) Sub-paragraph (2) does not apply in relation to any amounts stated by virtue of any of the following provisions of this Order—

(a)paragraph 13 of Schedule 4A (details of accounting treatment of acquisitions),

(b)paragraphs 2, 8(3), 16, 21(1)(d), 22(4) and (5), 24(3) and (4) and 27(3) and (4) of Schedule 5 (shareholdings in other undertakings),

(c)Parts II and III of Schedule 6 (loans and other dealings in favour of directors and others), and

(d)paragraph 7 (fixed assets).