Part II

Method 2Natural fat batch atmospheric (30 mm particle size)


1.  The premises shall be equipped with apparatus to crush specified bovine material to the appropriate particle size, at least one cooker to cook the specified bovine material, sufficient capacity of hot water and steam production to render specified bovine material in accordance with this method and equipment to separate protein from tallow and store those products.


2.  The raw material shall be reduced in size by crushing so that the particle size does not exceed 30 mm. Final reduction equipment shall be checked daily and its condition recorded. Any broken equipment shall be repaired without delay to ensure that the final particle size is achieved.


3.  Crushed material shall be heated in a steam jacketed vessel to remove the inherent moisture at atmospheric pressure. The times and temperatures achieved during the cooking process must be recorded in a permanent form. During the course of cooking, the material must be maintained at a temperature in excess of 100°C for at least 95 minutes, a temperature in excess of 110°C for at least 55 minutes and a temperature in excess of 120°C for at least 13 minutes. Material may be cooked so that two or more time/temperature requirements are carried out at the same time.

Separation and storage of final products

4.  After cooking, the material shall be discharged from the cookers and separated into its tallow and protein components. Protein and tallow shall be stored separately.


5.  All records required in paragraphs 2 and 3 shall be kept for one year.