The Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc.) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995

Notice to landowners, district councils, etc.

11.—(1) The Department shall as soon as practicable after including a site in the register, amending an entry in the register or removing an entry from the register, give notice of that fact to—

(a)every owner and occupier of land within the site,

(b)each district council in whose district the site or any part of it is situated, and

(c)such other persons or bodies as the Department thinks fit.

(2) Notice of the inclusion of a site in the register, or the amendment of an entry in the register, shall be accompanied by a copy of so much of the relevant register entry as relates to land owned or occupied by or, as the case may be, to land within the area of, the person or district council to whom the notice is given.