Regulation 13(3)(a)

SCHEDULE 9Single students with dependents

1.  This Schedule shall apply in the case of a student who does not ordinarily live with a spouse or with another person as a spouse.

2.—(1) This paragraph shall apply where the student has dependents within the meaning of Part III of Schedule 7.

(2) In the case of such a student—

(a)the sum to be disregarded under paragraph 1(1)(a) of Schedule 8 shall be £1,735 instead of £800; or

(b)the requirements under paragraph 13 of Schedule 7 shall be treated as increased by the sum of £900; or

(c)in the case of a student to whom Part IV of Schedule 7 applies, his requirements shall be treated as including the sum specified in paragraph 17 thereof,

whichever is the most favourable to him (disregarding head (b) where, in pursuance of paragraph 3, he elects as mentioned therein).

3.—(1) This paragraph shall apply in the case of a student with one or more child dependents under the age of 19 years and for the purpose of this paragraph “child” shall have the same meaning as in Part III of Schedule 7.

(2) Such a student may elect that the sum specified as his requirements in Part III of Schedule 7 shall be disregarded and that instead there shall in calculating his income be disregarded £2,090 in respect of his only or eldest child such as is mentioned in sub-paragraph (1) and £660 in respect of every other such child.