The Foyle and Carlingford Fisheries (Northern Ireland) Order 2007

Article 34.(2)


This schedule has no associated Explanatory Memorandum
Short TitleExtent of repeal
The Foyle Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1952 (c. 5).

In section 2(1) the definition of “fish”

Section 13(1)(f).

Section 13(5A) and (5B).

Section 34(4).

Section 41(1A).

In section 42(3)(a) and (b) the words “gaff or”.

In section 61, subsection (3).

In section 68, in subsection (1), the words from “and, in the case of a continuing offence” to the end of that subsection.

In section 68, subsection (2).

Section 76.In the Third Schedule, in head (c) of paragraph 2 the words “for the government, management, maintenance or improvement of the fisheries of the Foyle Area or the Carlingford Area”.

The Foyle Fisheries (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 1962 (c. 5).Section 8.
The Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) 1966 (c. 17).

In section 11B(2), paragraph (b) and the words “and the Foyle Fisheries Commission”.

Section 110(4).

The Nature Conservation and Amenity Lands (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 (NI 1).Article 20(6)(e).
The Fisheries (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 1991 (NI 13).In Schedule 2, paragraph 1.
The Criminal Justice (Northern Ireland) Order 1994 (NI 15).Article 10(1)(b).