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Power to dispose of designated lands in Stormont EstateN.I.

2.—(1) The Department may dispose of all or any part of the designated land.

(2) Paragraph (1) has effect notwithstanding—

(a)section 5(7)(a) of the 1933 Act;

(b)anything in any deed or other instrument relating to the scheduled land.

(3) The “designated land” means such land as is—

(a)comprised in the scheduled land; and

(b)designated for the purposes of this Order by an order made by the Department.

(4) The designated land must not include—

(a)Parliament Buildings;

(b)Stormont Castle; or

(c)Stormont House.

(5) An order under paragraph (3)(b) may designate land by reference to a map which is not contained in the order but is published in such manner as the Department thinks appropriate for bringing it to the attention of interested persons.

(6) No order may be made under paragraph (3)(b) after the end of the period of 6 months beginning on the date on which the first such order is made.