Procedure for dealing with complaints

63.—(1) Each relevant undertaker shall establish a procedure for dealing with complaints made by its customers in connection with the supply of water or, as the case may be, the provision of sewerage services.

(2) No such procedure shall be established, and no modification of such a procedure shall be made, unless—

(a)the relevant undertaker has consulted the Council; and

(b)the proposed procedure or modification has been approved by the Authority.

(3) The relevant undertaker shall—

(a)publicise the procedure in such manner as may be approved by the Authority; and

(b)send a description of the procedure, free of charge, to any person who asks for one.

(4) The Authority may give a direction to a relevant undertaker requiring the undertaker to review its procedure or the manner in which the procedure operates.

(5) A direction under paragraph (4)—

(a)may specify the manner in which the review is to be conducted; and

(b)shall require a written report of the review to be made to the Authority.

(6) Where the Authority receives a report under paragraph (5)(b), it may, after consulting the relevant undertaker, direct the undertaker to make such modifications of—

(a)the procedure; or

(b)the manner in which the procedure operates,

as may be specified in the direction.

(7) Paragraph (2) does not apply to any modification made in compliance with a direction under paragraph (6).

(8) The duty of a relevant undertaker to comply with paragraph (1) and with any direction given to it under paragraph (4) or (6) shall be enforceable by the Authority under Article 30.

(9) Where the Authority is considering whether to exercise its powers under paragraph (4) or (6) in relation to a relevant undertaker, it shall be the duty of that undertaker to give the Authority such information as the Authority may reasonably require for the purpose of assisting it in coming to a decision.

(10) Article 260 shall have effect, with the necessary modifications, in relation to information which the Authority requires for that purpose as it has effect in relation to information which the Department requires for purposes mentioned in paragraph (1) of that Article.