Baseline assessments

40.  Chapter I of Part III of the 1998 Order (baseline assessments) shall cease to have effect.

Removal of requirement for annual parents' meeting

41.  Article 126 of the 1989 Order (which requires the Board of Governors of a grant-aided school to hold an annual parents' meeting) shall cease to have effect.

Fees for instruction provided by Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

42.—(1) After section 5 of the Agriculture Act (Northern Ireland) 1949 (c. 2) (provision for education and instruction) insert—

Fees for instruction provided by the Department

5A.(1) The Department may, in accordance with regulations under this section, charge fees for or in connection with the provision by the Department under section 5 of any form of instruction.

(2) The Department may by regulations make provision as to—

(a)the matters in respect of which fees are to be charged under this section;

(b)the amount of fees to be charged under this section in respect of any matter;

(c)the persons by whom such fees are payable;

(d)the time at which, and manner in which, such fees are payable;

(e)the reduction or remission of such fees in prescribed circumstances..

(2) In section 5(2B) of that Act for “sub-section (2A)” substitute “this section”.

(3) In section 26 (2) of that Act after “any scheme” insert “or regulations”.