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2.—(1) The instrument of government shall provide for the governing body to consist of not less than 12 nor more than 18 members, of whom—N.I.

(a)not less than one-half shall be persons appearing to the Department to be, or to have been, engaged or employed in business, industry or any profession;

(b)one shall be the principal of the college;

(c)two shall be elected by staff employed at the college of whom—

(i)one shall be elected by teachers so employed from among such teachers; and

(ii)one shall be elected by other staff so employed from among such other staff;

(d)one shall be elected by students of the college from among such students;

(e)not more than two may be persons co-opted by the other members of the governing body.

(2) The instrument of government shall provide—

(a)for the members of the governing body to be appointed by the Department after consultation with such bodies or persons as appear to the Department to be appropriate;

(b)that any election to be held in pursuance of sub-paragraph (1)(c) or (d) shall be conducted in accordance with rules made by the governing body.