The Firearms (Northern Ireland) Order 2004

Consequences where dealer convicted of an offenceN.I.

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33.—(1) Where the holder of a firearms dealer's certificate is convicted of any offence under this Order or an offence under the enactments relating to customs in respect of the import and export of firearms or ammunition the court may order—

(a)that the certificate be cancelled; and

(b)that neither he nor any person who acquires his business, nor any person who took part in the management of the business and was knowingly a party to the offence, shall hold a firearms dealer's certificate; and

(c)that any person who, after the date of the order, knowingly employs in the management of his business the dealer convicted of the offence or any person who was knowingly a party to the offence, shall not hold a firearm dealer's certificate; and

(d)that any stock in hand of the business shall be disposed of by sale or otherwise in accordance with such directions as may be contained in the order.

(2) A person aggrieved by an order made under this Article may appeal against it in the same manner as against the conviction, and the court may suspend its operation pending the appeal.