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Primary medical servicesN.I.

Provision of primary medical servicesN.I.

3.  For Article 56 of the 1972 Order (arrangements for general medical services) and the heading “General medical services” preceding that Article there shall be substituted—

Primary medical servicesN.I.

Primary medical services

56.(1) Each Health and Social Services Board shall, to the extent that it considers necessary to meet all reasonable requirements, exercise its powers so as to provide primary medical services within its area, or secure their provision within its area.

(2) A Health and Social Services Board may (in addition to any other power conferred on it)—

(a)provide primary medical services itself (whether within or outside its area);

(b)make such arrangements for their provision (whether within or outside its area) as it thinks fit, and may in particular make contractual arrangements with any person.

(3) Each Health and Social Services Board shall publish information about such matters as may be prescribed in relation to the primary medical services provided under this Part.

(4) A body on which functions are conferred under this Article shall co-operate with any other such body in the discharge of their respective functions relating to the provision of primary medical services under this Part.

(5) Regulations may provide that services of a prescribed description are, or are not, to be regarded as primary medical services for the purposes of this Part.

(6) Regulations under this Article may in particular describe services by reference to the manner or circumstances in which they are provided..