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Constitution of Care TribunalN.I.

1.—(1) There shall be appointed—N.I.

(a)a panel of persons ( “the chairmen's panel”) who may serve as chairmen of the Care Tribunal; and

(b)a panel of persons ( “the lay panel”) who may serve as the other two members of the Care Tribunal apart from the chairman.

(2) The Care Tribunal shall consist of—

[F1(a)a chairman nominated from the chairmen's panel by the Lord Chief Justice after consultation with the [F2Department of Justice]; and]

(b)two other persons nominated by the Department from the lay panel.

[F3(2A) The Lord Chief Justice may nominate any of the following to exercise his functions under this paragraph—

(a)the holder of one of the offices listed in Schedule 1 to the Justice (Northern Ireland) Act 2002;

(b)a Lord Justice of Appeal (as defined in section 88 of that Act).]