The Planning (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 2003

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Introductory

    1. 1.Title and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

  3. New enforcement powers

    1. 3.Planning contravention notices

    2. 4.Enforcement of conditions

    3. 5.Injunctions

  4. Other changes relating to enforcement

    1. 6.Time limits on enforcement action

    2. 7.Enforcement notices

    3. 8.Appeal against enforcement notice

    4. 9.Offence where enforcement notice not complied with

    5. 10.Execution of works required by enforcement notice

    6. 11.Stop notices

    7. 12.Certificate of lawful use or development

    8. 13.Rights of entry for enforcement purposes

    9. 14.Listed buildings

    10. 15.Hazardous substances

    11. 16.Replacement of trees

    12. 17.Alteration in penalties

  5. Control over development

    1. 18.Demolition

    2. 19.Reversion to previous lawful use

    3. 20.Power of Department to decline to determine applications

    4. 21.Assessment of environmental effects

    5. 22.Dismissal of appeals in cases of undue delay

    6. 23.Planning agreements

  6. Control over particular matters

    1. 24.Advertisements

    2. 25.Building preservation notices

    3. 26.Trees

  7. Regional development strategy

    1. 27.Certain policies, plans and schemes under the principal Order to be in general conformity with the regional development strategy

    2. 28.Development plans: statement as to general conformity with the regional development strategy

    3. 29.Regional development strategy: transitional arrangements for certain development plans

  8. Miscellaneous

    1. 30.Status of development plans

    2. 31.Powers of Department before the acquisition of land for planning purposes

    3. 32.Planning Appeals Commission

    4. 33.Grants for research and bursaries

    5. 34.Grants to bodies providing assistance in relation to certain development proposals

    6. 35.Planning register

    7. 36.Home loss payments following planning blight

    8. Article 37—Amendments and repeals