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The Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003

  1. Introductory

    1. 1.Title and commencement

    2. 2.Interpretation

  2. Preliminaries to marriage

    1. 3.Notice of intention to marry

    2. 3A.Additional information if party not relevant national

    3. 3B.Additional evidence if party not relevant national

    4. 3C.Declaration to accompany information and evidence

    5. 3D.Rejection of false information or evidence

    6. 3E.Referral of proposed marriage to Secretary of State

    7. 4.Marriage notice book and list of intended marriages

    8. 5.Power to require evidence

    9. 6.Objections

    10. 7.Marriage schedule

    11. 7A.Marriage notice: false information or evidence

    12. 8.Marriage outside the United Kingdom where party resides in Northern Ireland

  3. Persons who may solemnise marriages

    1. 9.Persons who may solemnise marriages

  4. Religious marriages

    1. 10.Application by religious bodies for registration of member to solemnise marriages

    2. 11.Registration of officiants

    3. 12.Cancellation of registration

    4. 13.Appeals

    5. 14.Temporary authorisation to solemnise religious marriage

    6. 15.Solemnisation of religious marriage

    7. 16.Registration of religious marriage

    8. 17.Registrar's power to require delivery of marriage schedule

  5. Civil marriages

    1. 18.Places at which civil marriages may be solemnised

    2. 19.Solemnisation of civil marriage

    3. 20.Registration of civil marriage

    4. 21.Second marriage ceremony

  6. Marriage of person under 18

    1. 22.Relevant consents required

    2. 23.Order dispensing with relevant consent

    3. 24.Recording of consents and orders

  7. Miscellaneous

    1. 25.Commencement of marriage

    2. 26.Validity of registered marriage

    3. 27.Corrections and cancellations

    4. 28.Interpreters

    5. 29.Detained persons

  8. Supplementary

    1. 30.Registration districts and registration authorities

    2. 31.Registrars and other staff

    3. 32.Registrars' offices

    4. 33.Records and documents to be sent to Registrar General

    5. 34.Annual report

    6. 35.Searches

    7. 35A.Notification of registration

    8. 36.Proof of marriage for purposes of certain statutory provisions

    9. 37.Fees

    10. 38.Offences

    11. 39.Regulations

    12. Article 40—Repeals

      1. Schedule—Repeals

    1. SCHEDULE2

      Modifications if proposed marriage referred under Article 3E

      1. 1.Introduction

      2. 2.No marriage schedule to be completed until decision about investigation etc

      3. 3.Marriage to be investigated: no marriage schedule to be completed until expiry of 70 day period

      4. 4.Requests to complete the marriage schedule before expiry of 70 day period

      5. 5.Effect of reducing statutory period