Provision of information and consultation

Provision of information about tenancies

18.—(1) Where the Executive or any registered housing association lets dwelling-houses under introductory tenancies, it shall publish information about its introductory tenancies, in such form as it considers best suited to explain in simple terms, and, so far as it considers it appropriate, the effect of—

(a)the express terms of its introductory tenancies,

(b)the provisions of this Chapter, and

(c)the landlord’s repairing obligations;

and shall ensure that so far as is reasonably practicable the information so published is kept up to date.

(2) The landlord under an introductory tenancy shall supply the tenant with—

(a)a copy of the information for introductory tenants published by it under paragraph (1), and

(b)a written statement of the terms of the tenancy, so far as they are neither expressed in the lease or written tenancy agreement (if any) nor implied by law;

and the statement required by sub-paragraph (b) shall be supplied on the grant of the tenancy or as soon as practicable afterwards.