Proceedings for possession

Review of decision to seek possession

11.—(1) A request for review of the landlord’s decision to seek an order for possession of a dwelling-house let under an introductory tenancy must be made before the end of the period of 14 days beginning with the day on which the notice of proceedings is served.

(2) On a request being duly made to it, the landlord shall review its decision.

(3) The Department may make provision by regulations as to the procedure to be followed in connection with a review under this Article.

Nothing in the following provisions affects the generality of this power.

(4) Provision may be made by regulations—

(a)requiring the decision on review to be made by a person of appropriate seniority who was not involved in the original decision, and

(b)as to the circumstances in which the person concerned is entitled to an oral hearing, and whether and by whom he may be represented at such a hearing.

(5) The landlord shall notify the person concerned of the decision on the review.

If the decision is to confirm the original decision, the landlord shall also notify him of the reasons for the decision.

(6) The review shall be carried out and the tenant notified before the date specified in the notice of proceedings as the date after which proceedings for the possession of the dwelling-house may be begun.