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Application for consentF1N.I.

F1certain functions transf. by SR 1999/481

Non-textual amendments applied to the whole Legislation can be found in the Introduction

1.—(1) An application for a discharge consent—N.I.

(a)shall be made to the Department on a form provided for the purpose by the Department; and

(b)must be advertised by or on behalf of the applicant in such manner as may be required by regulations.

(2) Regulations may provide that any advertising of an application as is required under sub-paragraph (1)(b) may, in any case, be dispensed with if, in that case, it appears to the Department to be appropriate for that advertising to be dispensed with.

(3) The applicant for a discharge consent must provide to the Department, either on, or together with, the form mentioned in sub-paragraph (1)(a) such information as may be prescribed for the purpose, but, subject to paragraph 2(3) and without prejudice to the effect (if any) of any other contravention of the requirements of this Schedule in relation to an application under this paragraph, a failure to provide information in pursuance of this sub-paragraph shall not invalidate an application.

(4) The Department may give the applicant notice requiring him to provide it with such further information of any description specified in the notice as the Department may require for the purpose of determining the application.

(5) An application made in accordance with this paragraph which relates to proposed discharges at two or more places may be treated by the Department as separate applications for consents for discharges at each of those places.