Duties of boards in relation to maintained schools

70.—(1) Subject to and in accordance with regulations, the board for the area in which a maintained school is situated shall be responsible for—

(a)the maintenance of the school premises;

(b)providing and replacing equipment;

(c)employing in accordance with Article 88 of the 1986 Order persons, other than teachers, required in or about the school;

(d)meeting the teaching costs of the school; and

(e)meeting the cost of doing all such other things as may be necessary for the carrying on of the school, other than the cost of providing or altering the premises of the school.

(2) The responsibility of a board under paragraph (1) does not extend to—

(a)any part of the premises of a school used wholly or mainly for boarding purposes; or

(b)meeting anycosts incurred in carrying on such part.

(3) Paragraph (1) does not impose on a board responsibility for any matter which under an approved contract entered into by the trustees of a maintained school is the responsibility of the contractor.

(4) The duty of a board under paragraph (1)(d) to meet the costs of a redundancy payment in respect of a teacher ceasing to be employed on the staff of a maintained school is a duty to pay to—

(a)the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, where the teacher was employed on the staff of a Catholic maintained school; and

(b)the Board of Governors of the school, in any other case, a sum equal to the amount of the redundancy payment.

(5) A board shall be responsible for meeting the costs of the trustees of a maintained school situated in its area on foot of an approved contract, and accordingly shall make grants to those trustees of amounts equal to those costs.

(6) Grants under paragraph (5) shall be made on such conditions (including conditions as to repayment) as the board may determine with the approval of the Department.

(7) A board shall pay to the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools an amount equal to the expenditure incurred or to be incurred by that Council in insuring against any liability for personal injury suffered by a teacher employed on the staff of a Catholic maintained school situated in its area and arising out of and in the course of his employment by that Council.

(8) Any question which may arise as to the responsibility of a board under this Article shall be referred to the Department whose decision thereon shall be final.

(9) In this Article “the teaching costs”, in relation to a maintained school, means the costs of—

(a)the salaries and allowances of teachers employed on the staff of the school;

(b)secondary Class 1 contributions under the [1992 c. 7.] Social Security Contributions and Benefits (Northern Ireland) Act 1992 and employers' superannuation contributions in respect of such teachers;

(c)payments to which paragraph 7(1)(a) of Schedule 2 applies;

(d)redundancy payments under the [1996 NI 16.] Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 in respect of teachers ceasing to be employed on the staff of the school.

(10) For the purposes of the Education Orders, a maintained school is maintained by a board if the board has the responsibilities mentioned in paragraph (1) in relation to the school.