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Modifications etc. (not altering text)

Collection, disposal or treatment of controlled wasteN.I.

[F1Procedures following public participationN.I.

19C.(1) Before decisions on the waste management strategy are made the Department shall take account of any opinions expressed in accordance with Article 19B(1)(d).

(2) As soon as reasonably practicable after making decisions on the waste management strategy the Department shall—

(a)inform the persons or bodies mentioned in Article 19(5)(a) and the public consultees of the matters set out in paragraph (4);

(b)take such steps as it considers appropriate to bring the matters in paragraph (4) to the attention of the public;

(c)if it has adopted the waste management strategy, make a copy of the strategy available for inspection by the public at all reasonable times and free of charge.

(3) Nothing in paragraph (2)(c) requires the Department to provide copies of the adopted waste management strategy free of charge, but where a charge is made, it shall be of a reasonable amount.

(4) The matters are—

(a)the decisions made by the Department on the waste management strategy;

(b)the reasons and considerations upon which those decisions are based; and

(c)information about the public participation procedures under Article 19B.]