Prohibition of transactions giving rise to, or to increases in, ground rents

Fee farm grants

28.—(1) Subject to paragraph (3), on and after the appointed day a fee farm grant is incapable of being made at law or in equity.

(2) In relation to any land, any agreement made on or after the appointed day to make a fee farm grant, or any instrument made on or after that day which purports to make a fee farm grant the making of which is prohibited by this Article, operates as, respectively, an agreement to convey or conveyance of a fee simple in the land subject to any fine specified in the agreement or instrument but free from the fee farm rent so specified and any covenants or other provisions which are connected with the rent or are for the benefit of the intended rent-owner as such.

(3) This Article does not prohibit the making of a fee farm grant in pursuance of an obligation assumed before the appointed day, nor does it prejudice Article 36(4) or (7).

(4) For the purposes of paragraph (2) provisions are connected with the rent if they are concerned with the amount of the rent or its payment or recovery, or are otherwise concerned (directly or indirectly) with the rent.