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Proceedings in respect of offences committed in connection with Crown vehiclesN.I.

94.—(1) Where an offence under the Road Traffic Orders is alleged to have been committed in connection with a vehicle in the public service of the Crown, proceedings may be brought in respect of the offence against a person nominated for the purpose on behalf of the Crown.

(2) Subject to paragraph (3), where any such offence is committed any person so nominated shall also be guilty of the offence as well as any person actually responsible for the offence (but without prejudice to proceedings against any person so responsible).

(3) Where any person is convicted of an offence by virtue of this Article—

(a)no order is to be made on his conviction save an order imposing a fine,

(b)payment of any fine imposed on him in respect of that offence is not to be enforced against him, and

(c)apart from the imposition of any such fine, the conviction is to be disregarded for all purposes other than any appeal (whether by way of case stated or otherwise).