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[F1Approval of coursesN.I.

37A.(1) If an application is made to the Department for the approval of a course for the purposes of Article 36, the Department must decide whether to grant or refuse the application.

(2) In reaching that decision, the Department must have regard to–

(a)the nature of the course, and

(b)whether the course provider is an appropriate person to provide the course and administer its provision efficiently and effectively,

and may take into account any recommendations made by any persons appointed to consider the application.

(3) A course may be approved subject to conditions specified by the Department.

(4) An approval of a course is for the period specified by the Department (which must not exceed 7 years), subject to withdrawal of approval.

(5) Regulations made by the Department may make provision in relation to the approval of courses and may, in particular, include provision–

(a)in relation to the making of applications for approval,

(b)for the payment in respect of applications for approval, or in connection with approvals, of fees of a prescribed amount,

(c)specifying the maximum fees that a person may be required to pay for a course and by when they are to be paid,

(d)for the monitoring of courses and course providers,

(e)in relation to withdrawing approval,

(f)for an appeal to lie to a court of summary jurisdiction against a refusal of an application for approval, the imposition of conditions on the grant of such an application or the withdrawal of approval, and,

(g)authorising the Department to make available (with or without charge) information about courses and course providers.]