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Provisions as to proceedings for certain offences in connection with the construction and use of vehicles and equipmentN.I.

20.—(1) If in any proceedings for an offence under Article 54,56, 57 or 58 of the Order of 1995 (using vehicle in dangerous condition or contravention of construction and use regulations)—

(a)any question arises as to a weight of any description specified in the plating certificate for a goods vehicle; and

(b)a weight of that description is marked on the vehicle,

it shall be assumed, unless the contrary is proved, that the weight marked on the vehicle is the weight so specified.

(2) If, in any proceedings for an offence—

(a)under Part III of the Order of 1995, except Articles 63 and 83, or

(b)under Article 174 of the Order of 1981;

any question arises as to the date of manufacture of a vehicle, a date purporting to be such a date and marked on the vehicle in pursuance of regulations under Part III of the Order of 1995 shall be evidence that the vehicle was manufactured on the date so marked.

(3) If in any proceedings for the offence of driving a vehicle on a road, or causing or permitting a vehicle to be so driven, in contravention of a prohibition under Article 79(2) of the Order of 1995 any question arises whether a weight of any description has been reduced to a limit imposed by construction and use requirements, or so that it has ceased to be excessive the burden of proof shall lie on the accused.