Proceedings in connection with confiscation orders where defendant has died or absconded

Provisions supplementary to Articles 26, 27 and 28

29.—(1) Where the High Court orders compensation to be paid under Article 26, 27 or 28, the amount of that compensation shall be such as the Court considers just in all the circumstances of the case.

(2) Rules of court may make provision—

(a)for the giving of notice of any application under Article 26, 27 or 28; and

(b)for any person appearing to the Court to be likely to be affected by the exercise of its powers under any of those Articles to be given an opportunity to make representations to the Court.

(3) Where the Court cancels a confiscation order under Article 27 or 28 it may make such consequential or incidental order as it considers appropriate in connection with the cancellation.