Power to make provision as to interest in relation to awards

4.—(1) In section 26 of the 1976 Act, after subsection (6) there shall be inserted the following subsections—

(6A) The Department may by order made with the approval of the Department of Finance make provision—

(a)for enabling the Tribunal, where an amount of compensation falls to be awarded under subsection (1)(b), to include in the award interest on that amount; and

(b)specifying, for cases where the Tribunal decides that an award is to include an amount in respect of interest, the manner in which and the periods and rate by reference to which the interest is to be determined,

and the order may contain such incidental and supplementary provisions as the Department considers appropriate.

(6B) The power to make an order under subsection (6A) includes power to vary or revoke the order..

(2) In subsection (11) of that section, for “(9)” there shall be substituted “(6A)”.

(3) In section 56(2) of the Act, before “49(3)” there shall be inserted “26(6A) or”.