The Magistrates' Courts (Northern Ireland) Order 1981 (NI 26)

112.  In Article 85 (orders for periodical payment: means of payment), in paragraph (8)—

(a)in sub-paragraph (a), after “1980” insert “; or under, or having effect as if made under, Schedule 1 to the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995”;

(b)in sub-paragraph (b), for “that Order” substitute “those Orders”.

113.  In Article 88 (nature of domestic proceedings), after paragraph (de) insert the following paragraph—

(df)under the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 19954;.

114.  In Article 98(11) (enforcement of orders for the periodical payment of money)—

(a)after sub-paragraph (f) insert the following sub-paragraph—

(ff)orders registered in a court of summary jurisdiction under Part II of the Maintenance Orders (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act 1972;;

(b)after sub-paragraph (i) insert the following sub-paragraph—

(j)contribution orders under Article 41(2) of the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995,;

(c)for “(a), (b) or (d)” substitute “(a), (b), (d) or (ff)”.

115.  In Article 101 (attachment of earnings order), in paragraph (2) after “be” insert “made”.