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Change of nameF1N.I.

F1functions transf. by SR 1999/481

Non-textual amendments applied to the whole Legislation can be found in the Introduction

Change of name of trade unionN.I.

88.—(1) A trade union may change its name by any method expressly provided for by its rules or, if its rules do not expressly provide for a method of doing so, by adopting in accordance with its rules an alteration of the provision in them which gives the union its name.

(2) If the name of the trade union is entered in the list of trade unions under Article 5 of the 1992 Order a change of name shall not take effect until approved by the Certification Officer.

(3) The Certification Officer shall not approve a change of name if it appears to him that the proposed new name—

(a)is the same as one entered in either of the lists under that Article as the name of another trade union or employers' association, or

(b)is a name so nearly resembling such a name as to be likely to deceive the public.

(4) A change of name by a trade union does not affect any right or obligation of the union or any of its members; and any pending legal proceedings may be continued by or against the union, the trustees of the union or any other officer of the union who can sue or be sued on its behalf notwithstanding its change of name.