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Amalgamation or transfer of engagementsN.I.

Amalgamation or transfer involving Great Britain unionF1N.I.

87.—(1) This Part has effect subject to the following modifications in the case of an amalgamation or transfer of engagements to which a trade union and a Great Britain union are Party.

(2) The requirements of Articles 74 to 81 and 82(3) (approval of instrument; notice to members and ballot on resolution) do not apply in relation to the Great Britain union; but the Certification Officer shall not register the instrument under Article 82 unless he is satisfied that it will be effective under the law of Great Britain.

(3) The instrument of amalgamation or transfer submitted to the Certification Officer for his approval under Article 74 shall state which of the bodies concerned is a Great Britain union and, in the case of an amalgamation, whether the amalgamated body is to be a Great Britain union; and the Certification Officer shall withhold his approval if the instrument does not contain that information.

(4) Nothing in Article 83 (alteration of rules) or Articles 84 and 85 (complaint as to passing of resolution) applies in relation to the Great Britain union.

(5) Subject to the exceptions specified above, the provisions of this Part as to amalgamations or transfers of engagements apply in relation to the Great Britain union.

(6) Except as provided by this Article, this Part applies only to a trade union which has its head or main office in Northern Ireland.

F1functions transf. by SR 1999/481

Non-textual amendments applied to the whole Legislation can be found in the Introduction