The Historic Monuments Council

The Historic Monuments Council

22.—(1) There shall continue to be a Council, known as “the Historic Monuments Council”, for the purpose of advising the Department on the exercise of its powers under this Order and of exercising such other functions as are conferred on the Council by this Part.

(2) The Council shall consist of a chairman appointed by the Department and such number of other members so appointed as the Department, with the consent of the Department of Finance and Personnel, may determine, and the chairman and other members of the Council shall hold and vacate office in accordance with the terms of their appointments.

(3) The Council may, with the approval of the Department,—

(a)appoint committees; and

(b)appoint to any such committee persons who are not members of the Council.

(4) The Department may pay—

(a)to the chairman of the Council and the members of the Council and its committees, such allowances in respect of travelling and subsistence expenses and in respect of such other expenses, if any, as it is satisfied have been necessarily incurred by them for the purpose of enabling them to perform their duties;

(b)to the Council, such expenses of the Council,

as the Department may, with the consent of the Department of Finance and Personnel, determine.

(5) Subject to any directions of the Department as to quorum or other matters, the procedure of the Council and of its committees shall be such as the Council may determine.