Historic Monuments and Archaeological Objects (Northern Ireland) Order 1995

Effect of guardianship

16.—(1) The Department shall maintain any monument which is under its guardianship.

(2) The Department shall have full control and management of any monument which is under its guardianship.

(3) With a view to fulfilling its duty under paragraph (1) to maintain a monument of which it is guardian, the Department may do all such things as may be necessary or expedient for the maintenance of the monument and for the exercise by it of proper control and management with respect to the monument.

(4) Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provisions of this Article the Department may—

(a)make any examination of a monument which is under its guardianship by virtue of this Order; and

(b)open up any such monument or make excavations therein for the purpose of examination or otherwise.

(5) A person authorised by the Department may at any reasonable time enter the site of a monument which is under the Department’s guardianship for the purpose of exercising on behalf of the Department any of its powers under this Article in relation to the monument.

(6) Paragraphs (2) to (4) are subject to any provision to the contrary in the guardianship deed.