The Airports (Northern Ireland) Order 1994

Disposal of compulsorily acquired landN.I.

5.—(1) This Article applies to the disposal of any land—

(a)which was acquired compulsorily by the airport operator of any airport to which Article 3 applies or any predecessor in title of his under Article 3 or any other statutory provision; and

(b)which, at the time of the disposal, forms part of an airport or is attached to an airport and administered with it as a single unit or has, at any time since the date of its acquisition, formed part of an airport or been so attached and administered.

(2) An airport operator shall not dispose of any land to which this Article applies, or any estate in such land, within the period of 25 years beginning with the date of its acquisition as mentioned in paragraph (1), unless—

(a)the disposal is for the purposes of the provision of any of the services and facilities associated with the operation of an airport; or

(b)the disposal is of a leasehold interest in the land for a term of less than 7 years; or

(c)the Department consents to the disposal.

(3) Any consent of the Department under this Article may be given subject to such conditions as it thinks fit.