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[F1Making of family proceedings rulesN.I.

12A(1) After making family proceedings rules the Committee must submit them to the Lord Chancellor.

(2) The Lord Chancellor may allow or disallow family proceedings rules submitted to him.

(3) Family proceedings rules have effect only if allowed by the Lord Chancellor.

(4) If the Lord Chancellor disallows family proceedings rules, the Lord Chancellor must give the Committee written reasons why he has disallowed them.

(5) Paragraph (6) applies if the Lord Chancellor gives the Committee written notice that he thinks it is expedient for family proceedings rules to include provision that would achieve a purpose specified in the notice.

(6) The Committee must make such family proceedings rules as it considers necessary to achieve the specified purpose.

(7) Those rules must be—

(a)made within a reasonable period after the Lord Chancellor gives notice under paragraph (5);

(b)made in accordance with this Article.]