The Registration (Land and Deeds) (Northern Ireland) Order 1992

Description of registered land N.I.

Description of registered landN.I.

28.—(1) For section 62 of the 1970 Act (description of registered land by maps) there shall be substituted:

The registry map.

62.(1) There shall be maintained by or on behalf of the Registrar a series of maps (in this Act referred to as “the registry map”), based on ordnance maps.

(2) On the registry map there shall be marked or defined, in such manner as may be prescribed, the land the title to which has been registered under this Act..

(2) For section 63 of that Act (verbal descriptions of registered land) there shall be substituted:

Description of registered land.

63.(1) Registered land shall be described in the title register—

(a)by means of a verbal description and a reference to the registry map; or

(b)by means of a verbal description and a filed plan, based on an ordnance map; or

(c)in such other manner as, in the opinion of the Registrar, secures accuracy.

(2) The description of land in the title register need not include its area..