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Supplemental provisionsN.I.

86.—(1) If, on an application made by a person required by a notice under this Part to execute any works, it appears to a court of summary jurisdiction that any other person having an estate in the premises has unreasonably refused to give any consent required to enable the works to be executed, the court may give the necessary consent in place of that other person.

(2) Article 13 of the Order of 1981 (powers of entry) shall apply to entry for the purposes of exercising any functions conferred on the Executive by or under this Part, and, without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, shall apply in particular to entry for the purposes of—

(a)ascertaining whether any function conferred on the Executive by or under this Part should be exercised;

(b)ascertaining whether there has been any contravention of any notice, regulation or direction given, made or applied under this Part;

but so much of that Article as requires notice to be given of the intended entry shall not apply to entry for the purposes mentioned in sub-paragraph (b).

(3) Article 160 of the Order of 1981 (penalty for obstruction) shall apply for the purposes of this Part in the same manner, as it applies for the purposes of that Order.

(4) There shall be included among the matters which are required to be registered in the Statutory Charges Register—

(a)any notice served under Article 76(1), 79(1), 80(1) or 84(4);

(b)any charge created under Article 84(8).