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Special health and [F1social care] agenciesN.I.

3.—(1) If the Department considers that a special body should be established for the purpose of performing any functions which the Department may under Article 4(1) direct the body to perform on behalf of the Department, the Department may by order establish a body for that purpose.

(2) The Department may, subject to the provisions of the Schedule, by order make such further provision relating to that body as it thinks fit.

(3) A body established in pursuance of this Article shall (without prejudice to the power conferred by paragraph (4) to allocate a particular name to the body) be called a special health and [F1social care] agency.

(4) Without prejudice to the generality of the power conferred by this Article to make an order, that order may in particular contain provisions as to—

(a)the membership of the body established by the order;

(b)the transfer to the body of officers, movable property, rights and liabilities; and

(c)the name by which the body is to be known.

(5) Before the Department makes an order under this Article, it shall consult with respect to the order such bodies as it may recognise as representing officers who in its opinion are likely to be transferred or affected by transfers in pursuance of the order.

(6) An order under this Article—

(a)may include such incidental or supplemental provision as the Department considers appropriate; and

(b)shall be subject to negative resolution.

(7) The Schedule shall have effect with respect to a special health and [F1social care] agency (referred to in that Schedule and the following provisions of this Order as a “special agency” ).