Restriction on dependency increases

1.—(1) In section 33 of the principal Act, in subsection (3) (which requires benefit payable by virtue of that section where the contribution conditions are only partially satisfied to be paid at a reduced rate), after “conditions are satisfied” insert “(and may be nil)”.

(2) In section 47A of that Act (rate of adult dependency increases to be determined in accordance with regulations in certain cases where the associated retirement pension is attributable to reduced contributions), after “pension is determined” insert “(a)” and at the end of that section add

; and

(b)the regulations shall not provide for any such increase in a case where the retirement pension by reference to which the rate of the said benefit or invalidity pension is determined—

(i)would have been payable only by virtue of section 33 above; and

(ii)would, in consequence of a failure to satisfy a contribution condition, have contained no basic pension.

(3) In Article 7 of the Social Security (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 1977(1), in paragraph (1) (which precludes any increase on account of a child in the amount of certain pensions payable by virtue of section 33(2) of the principal Act where a contribution condition is not satisfied), after “on account of a child” insert “or an adult, or under section 28(7) of the principal Act (invalidity),”.

(4) In paragraph (2) of that Article (which contains a similar restriction in relation to unemployment or sickness benefit where entitlement to a retirement pension would have arisen only by virtue of section 33), after “on account of a child” add “or an adult, or under section 28(7) of the principal Act (invalidity)”.