Object and general powers of the Corporation

Directions to the Corporation by Department

11.—(1) Without prejudice to any provision of this Order requiring the consent of the Department to be obtained for anything to be done by the Corporation, the Department may give directions of a general or specific nature to the Corporation as to the manner in which it is to discharge its functions under this Order.

(2) The Corporation shall act in accordance with any direction given to it under paragraph (1).

(3) Before giving a direction under paragraph (1) the Department shall consult the Corporation, unless the Department is satisfied that because of urgency consultation is impracticable.

(4) A transaction between a person and the Corporation acting in purported exercise of its powers under this Order shall not be void by reason only that it was carried out in contravention of a direction given under paragraph (1), and such a person shall not be concerned to see or enquire whether a direction under that paragraph has been given or complied with.

(5) Where—

(a)the Department gives a direction to the Corporation under paragraph (1) to execute any works which the Corporation has power to execute under this Order; and

(b)the Corporation refuses to execute those works or does not comply with the direction within such time as the Department may specify,

the Department may execute those works in place of the Corporation and the provisions of this Order shall, with any necessary modifications, apply to the execution of those works by the Department as they would have applied to their execution by the Corporation.