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Regulations as to carrying on of grant-aided schoolsN.I.

5.  After Article 17 of the principal Order there shall be inserted the following Article—

Regulations as to carrying on of grant-aided schools

17A.(1) The Department may by regulations make provision as to the carrying on of grant-aided schools.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (1), regulations under that paragraph may include provision—

(a)prescribing the terms and conditions on which a school may remain a grant-aided school;

(b)with respect to the number and composition of the teaching staff to be provided in grant-aided schools;

(c)with respect to the duration of the school day and school year at such schools;

(d)with respect to the curriculum and time-table to be followed in such schools;

(e)enabling the Department to prohibit the use in such schools of any book or the teaching material of which the Department does not approve;

(f)preventing the use of the premises of such schools for such purposes as may be prescribed.

(3) Regulations under this Article may enable the Department to authorise such exceptions, grant such approvals and make such determinations for the purposes of the regulations as are specified therein..