The Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 1986

Provisions supplementing Articles 141 and 142N.I.

143.—(1) An amount corresponding to one representing the premiums or part of the premiums on shares issued by a company which by virtue of Article 141 or 142 of this Order or Article 14 of the Consequential Provisions Order is not included in the company's share premium account may also be disregarded in determining the amount at which any shares or other consideration provided for the shares issued is to be included in the company's balance sheet.

(2) References in this Chapter (however expressed) to—

(a)the acquisition by a company of shares in another company; and

(b)the issue or allotment of shares to, or the transfer of shares to or by, a company,

include (respectively) the acquisition of any of those shares by, and the issue or allotment or (as the case may be) the transfer of any of those shares to or by, nominees of that company; and the references in Article 142 to the company transferring the shares is to be construed accordingly.

(3) References in this Chapter to the transfer of shares in a company include the transfer of a right to be included in the company's register of members in respect of those shares.

(4) In Articles 141, 142 and this Article “company”, except in references to the issuing company, includes any body corporate.