The Housing (Northern Ireland) Order 1983


Application to existing tenanciesN.I.

44.  This Chapter applies to tenancies granted before as well as tenancies granted after the coming into operation of this Order.

Application to licencesN.I.

45.—(1) Where a person who is not the tenant of a dwelling-house has a licence (whether or not granted for a consideration) to occupy the dwelling-house and the circumstances are such that, if the licence were a tenancy, it would be a secure tenancy, then, subject to paragraph (2), this Part applies to the licence as it applies to a secure tenancy and, as so applying, has effect as if expressions appropriate to a licence were substituted for “landlord”, “tenant”, “tenancy” and “secure tenancy”.

(2) Paragraph (1) does not apply to a licence which was granted to a person who entered the dwelling-house or any other land as a trespasser (whether or not before the grant another licence to occupy that or another dwelling house had been granted to him).