The Agricultural Marketing (Northern Ireland) Order 1982

Miscellaneous provisions of schemesN.I.

10 .F1—(1) Every scheme shall provide—

(a)for exempting from all or any of the provisions of the scheme producers and sales of such classes or descriptions as may be specified in the scheme or determined by the board;

(b)for securing that any producer who is aggrieved by any act or omission of the board may refer the matter to one or more arbitrators appointed in such manner as may be provided by the scheme, and for the manner in which any such reference is to be heard and determined;

(c)for requiring the register of producers to be open for inspection at such times as may be specified by the scheme, and for requiring the board to furnish a copy of the register or of any part thereof to any person demanding it, on payment of such fee as may be specified by the scheme;

(d)for the removal from the register of producers of the names of persons who have ceased to be producers or are exempted from registration.

(2) Subject to the approval of the department, a scheme may provide—

(a)for empowering any person authorised in writing by the board, for the purpose of securing compliance with the scheme, to enter and inspect, at any reasonable time and on production of his authority, any part of the land or premises occupied by any registered producer (being a producer specified in the authority) which the person so authorised has reason to believe is used for producing the regulated product or for doing any of the following things which is regulated by the scheme, that is to say, grading, marking, packing or storing the regulated product or adapting it for sale;

(b)for requiring registered producers to furnish to the board such estimates, returns, accounts and other information relating to the regulated product as the board considers necessary for the operation of the scheme.

(3) A scheme may provide for securing that where, by reason of a registered producer dying, or becoming subject to some legal disability, or entering into a composition or scheme of arrangement with his creditors, any property in, or control of, the regulated product is transferred from the registered producer to a personal representative, trustee, assignee, committee or other person, the personal representative, trustee, assignee, committee or other person, as the case may be, shall, in such circumstances and in respect of such matters as may be specified in the scheme, be deemed to be a registered producer.

(4) A scheme shall provide for the calling by the board of annual general and other meetings of registered producers and may make provision for the business to be conducted at such meetings.

(5) Every scheme may further provide for such matters as are incidental to or consequential on the provisions of this Part relating to the contents of schemes or are necessary for giving effect to those provisions.

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F1mod. by 1984 NI 12, SR 1995/103