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Provisions as to collectors, etc.N.I.

[F1Disabilities of collectors etc.N.I.

37.(1) A collector of an industrial assurance company shall not be a member of the board of directors, or hold any other office in the company except that of superintending collectors within a specified area.

(2) A collector or superintendent shall not be present at any meeting of the company.]


Restriction on employment of persons to procure new businessN.I.

38.—(1) A collecting society or industrial assurance company shall not, nor shall any person employed by such a society or company, employ any person not being a person in the regular employment of the society or company to procure or endeavour to procure any person to enter into a contract of industrial assurance, and a person not regularly in the employment of such a society or company shall not procure or endeavour to procure any person to enter into such a contract.

(2) For the purposes of this Article, references to regular employment include regular part-time as well as regular whole-time employment.