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Provisions of the Naval Discipline Act 1957N.I.

5.  Any offence under any of the provisions of the Naval Discipline Act 1957 listed in the first column of the following table:—N.I.

[F3Section 6][F3Offences by or in relation to sentries, persons on watch etc.]
[F3Section 7][F3Failure to attend for duty, neglect of duty etc.]
[F3Section 11][F3Insubordinate behaviour.]
[F3Section 12][F3Disobedience to lawful commands.]
[F3Section 12A][F3Failure to provide a sample for drug testing.]
[F3Section 13][F3Fighting, threatening words etc.]
[F3Section 14][F3Obstruction of provost officers.]
[F3Section 14A][F3Disobedience to standing orders.]
[F3Section 17][F3Absence without leave etc.]
[F3Section 18][F3Failure to report deserters and absentees.]
[F3Section 21][F3Low flying.]
[F3Section 22][F3Annoyance by flying.]
[F3Section 25][F3Inaccurate certification.]
[F3Section 27][F3Malingering.]
[F3Section 28][F3Drunkenness.]
[F3Section 29][F3Damage to, and loss of, public or service property etc.]
[F3Section 29A][F3Damage to, and loss of, Her Majesty's aircraft or aircraft material.]
[F3Section 29B][F3Interference etc. with equipment, messages or signals.]
[F3Section 30][F3Misapplication and waste of public or service property.]
[F3Section 31][F3Offences relating to issues and decorations.]
[F3Section 32][F3Billeting offences.]
[F3Section 33][F3Offences in relation to the requisitioning of vehicles etc.]
[F3Section 33A][F3Permitting escape, and unlawful release of prisoners.]
[F3Section 33B][F3Resistance to arrest.]
[F3Section 33C][F3Escape from confinement.]
[F3Section 34A][F3False statements on entry.]
[F3Section 35][F3Falsification of documents.]
[F3Section 35A][F3Offences against civilian population.]
[F3Section 38][F3Offences in relation to courts-martial.]
[F3Section 39][F3Conduct to the prejudice of naval discipline.]

6.  Any offence under section 40 (attempt to commit naval offence) or 41 (aiding and abetting etc., and inciting, naval offence) of the Naval Discipline Act 1957 in relation to an offence under any of the provisions of that Act listed in paragraph 5.N.I.