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Determination of sub-tenanciesN.I.

[F119.  Where–

(a)the whole or part of a dwelling-house–

(i)let on a protected tenancy, or

(ii)subject to a statutory tenancy,

is sub-let; and

(b)after the commencement of Article 59 of the Private Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 the landlord becomes entitled, as against the tenant, to possession of the dwelling-house;

the landlord shall also be entitled to possession against the sub-tenant.]

Compensation for misrepresentation or concealmentN.I.

20.  Where in such circumstances as are specified in any Case in Schedule 4—

(a)a landlord obtains an order for possession of a dwelling-house let on a protected tenancy or subject to a statutory tenancy; and

(b)it is subsequently made to appear to the court that the order was obtained by misrepresentation or concealment of material facts,

the court may order the landlord to pay to the former tenant such sum as appears sufficient as compensation for damage or loss sustained by that tenant as a result of the order.