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Persons employed in the civil service, etc.N.I.

Payments due to deceased personsN.I.

6 .F1F2(1) Where on the death of any person there is due to the deceased or his personal representatives from a government department a sum, not exceeding £500F3, in respect of salary, wages or other emoluments or of superannuation benefits payable by virtue of a scheme made under Article 3, probate or other proof of the title of the personal representatives of the deceased may be dispensed with, and the appropriate authority may pay the whole or any part of that sum to those representatives or to the person, or to or among any one or more of any persons, appearing to that authority to be beneficially entitled to the estate of the deceased, and any person to whom such a payment is made, and not the appropriate authority, shall thereafter be liable to account for the amount paid to him under this paragraph.

(2) Paragraph (1) shall be included among the provisions with respect to which the Ministry may make an order under section 6(1) of the Administration of Estates (Small Payments) Act (Northern Ireland) 1967 [1967 c.5] substituting for references to £500 such higher amount as may be specified in the order.

(3) The reference to a government department in paragraph (1) shall be construed as including a reference to a body or institution employment by or in which is listed in Schedule 1.

(4) In this Article “the appropriate authority”, in relation to any sum, means the government department, the body, or the trustees or other authority responsible for the institution, as the case may be, from whom that sum is due.


F1mod by SR 1985/9

F2mod by SR 2004/68

F3SR 1985/9