26.  In this Act—

“the Department” means the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment;

“the Insolvency Order” means the Insolvency (Northern Ireland) Order 1989;

“statutory provision” has the meaning given by section 1(f) of the Interpretation Act (Northern Ireland) 1954.

Transitional provisions, minor and consequential amendments and repeals

27.—(1) Schedule 2 (which makes provision with respect to transition) has effect.

(2) Schedule 3 (which makes minor and consequential amendments) has effect.

(3) The statutory provisions specified in Schedule 4 are repealed to the extent specified.


28.—(1) This section and sections 26 and 29 come into operation on the day after the day on which this Act receives Royal Assent.

(2) The other provisions of this Act come into operation on such day or days as the Department may by order appoint.

(3) An order under subsection (2) may contain such transitional or saving provisions as the Department considers appropriate.

Short title

29.  This Act may be cited as the Insolvency (Amendment) Act (Northern Ireland) 2016.