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SCHEDULE 8N.I.Amendments of Mental Health Order

29  For Article 62 substitute—N.I.

Patients to whom the provisions of this Part apply

62(1) Articles 63 to 63B and, so far as relevant to those Articles, Articles 65, 66 and 68 apply to all patients who are under 16.

(2) The other provisions of this Part apply to any patient who is under 16 and is liable to be detained under this Order or Part 10 of the 2016 Act except the following—

(a)a patient who is liable to be detained by virtue of Article 7(2) or (3), 7A(2) or 129 of this Order;

(b)a patient who has been conditionally discharged under section 191 or 232 of the 2016 Act (and has not been recalled)..