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SCHEDULE 1N.I.Authorisation by panel of certain serious interventions

Part 5 N.I.Matters covered by authorisation etc

Detention: what is covered by authorisationN.I.

22—(1) This paragraph applies where an authorisation under this Schedule authorises the detention of P in a specified place for specified purposes.N.I.

(2) As well as authorising that detention, the authorisation authorises any related detention that may occur while the authorisation is in force.

(3) In sub-paragraph (2) “related detention” means—

(a)any detention of P in the specified place at a time when the detention is partly for the purposes specified in the authorisation and partly for other purposes relating to P's care or treatment;

(b)any detention of P while P is being taken to the specified place; and

(c)any detention of P while P is absent from the specified place, if—

(i)the detention is in pursuance of a condition imposed on P that relates to permission given to P to be absent from the specified place for a particular period or a particular occasion;

(ii)the imposition of the condition is an act to which section 9(2) applies; and

(iii)the detention is for no longer than 7 days.

(4) In this paragraph “detention” means detention in circumstances amounting to a deprivation of liberty.

(5) Nothing in the authorisation or this paragraph affects the operation of this Part of this Act in relation to any detention of P in circumstances not amounting to a deprivation of liberty.